eBooks versus Print

I have never been a fan of eBooks, though I did try.  I purchased one of the first Kindle tablets.   I was traveling a lot for work, and the luggage limits, while more generous than today, did not allow me to pack the number of books I would read during a long trip.

On my first trip, I forgot the charger.  Thus, by the end of the trip I purchased a book to read.   On my second trip, I plugged the charger into the adapter (I was overseas), and the Kindle died.  It was not totally ruined but something happened as I could not get it to turn on again until I was back in the States.  So in order to pass the large of amounts of time I had to myself, I ventured off into the city to find a bookstore that sold English language books.  Thankfully I found one.

More importantly, the smell of a book is one of the most endearing smells.  It brings me back to my childhood.  We went to the library once a week, and I loved those trips.  I almost always chose the same book.  I wish I could remember the title, but all I can remember is that it was about a little boy who wore a kilt. I suppose I gravitated towards that book because my family immigrated from Scotland.  Nothing will ever replace the joy of holding a good book, the feel of turning a page, and of sneaking a glance at the end (YES!!  I will admit that I do that sometimes!).

The article in today’s NY Times does not surprise me.  I once had a conversation with an executive of Barnes & Noble (happened to be sitting next to each other on the plane), and I told him that I did not think eBooks would ever replace hard copies.  He disagreed.  Maybe he is right.  I hope not.